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Luxury Embellishment Services

Elevate all of your print projects!


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Unleash your creativity with smart high-definition digital embellishment applications!  From the most intricate textured details to splashy foil effects, we can handle it all.  

Metallics, foil, spot UV, and sculpted dimensional texture will take your projects from visual to tactile and bring a new level of luxury! 

Print, Embellish and Fulfill all in one location. 

Expensive dies are no longer needed. 

ALL run sizes are a perfect fit for this powerhouse press!  Very small runs are now possible. 

You imagine it….  We’ll create it!

"I designed my wedding invitations myself but needed a local company to print them, so I reached out to Citicom. This company is an absolute gem! Quick, responsive, friendly, and so accommodating.”
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